We Share connects startups with a wide range of Funding Members and experts. We Share Impact Startups receive patient capital: i.e. long-term loans with low-interest rates. In addition, our Community provides non-financial support. To show their commitment to We Share, startups Share-It-Forward by pledging 1% of their shares to the Community. Once on their feet, startups become Funding Members through their dividends and support innovation by others!


Welcome to our We Share Startups Guide.

It contains everything you need to know to join We Share. Being part of We Share will enable you to raise funding, get access to the network and expertise of our funding members, partners and other startups, attend meaningful events, share your challenges with the members and much more!

To begin, please check if you fit our criteria here.


  • Impact, impact, impact: your business model must revolve around at least one of the UN SDGs (you know what they are, don’t you?) and creating impact must be the one of the core values of your company.
  • Early stage: you are an early-stage, seed startup.
  • Full focus: you and your Co-Founders are fully focused 24/7 on your startup and are not distracted by commercial side projects.
  • Dream team: your team members possess the necessary knowledge and expertise, share the vision and are effective team players.
  • Product: your business plan is realistic; your concept has been already proven and your product/service is truly innovative.
  • Share-It-Forward: we expect from our startups to have a sharing mentality, which means to be open to sharing their experience and knowledge with other members.
  • Learning mindset: apart from funding, we facilitate mentorship and access to network. Make sure that you are open to valuable feedback and suggestions from experts in the field on how to grow your business.
  • Honesty and trust: simply be honest with us. Our goal is to help you grow. If you withhold key information from us, we will not be able to support you to the fullest of our ability.
  • We Share Loan Terms: you have attentively read our Loan Terms and Membership Rules and you accept them.


  1. Make sure you match all the above-mentioned criteria.
  2. Contact us via [email protected] sending us your Pitch Deck and Business plan.
  3. Within 14 days, we will inform you about our decision on whether your startup fits the criteria. Then you will  be invited to a meeting with us in our office.
  4. If the decision is positive from both sides, we will share the startup profile template which you will need to fill in to raise the necessary funding on our platform. Welcome to We Share!

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