‘Share your success. WeShare to me is creating a sustainable ecosystem for startups, innovation and talent development. By using a unique circular funding model we enable more startups/innovators to impact global challenges.’
– Edward de Jager, CEO

We Share Funding Members include individuals, entrepreneurs, corporates, investors, venture capitalists,  governmental and non-governmental institutions. Their common goal is to stimulate progress by supporting impact-driven initiatives.

Funding Members join We Share by contributing a small percentage of their income or wealth to the Community. Most members donate 1 or 2% of their annual net income. At least 90% of these contributions will be lent out on soft terms by We Share to the impact startup(s) of the Funding Members’ choice. In addition to financial support, many Funding Members also share their expertise and network with the startups and other members of the community.


Tailor-made participation: Freedom to choose the frequency of contributions, which startups to support and the level of interaction with those startups.

A Front Seat to Innovation: See where your money creates impact. Witness firsthand the ideas and concepts being developed into impactful products.

Enjoy the Community in action: Interact with fellow Members, get access to expertise and network of others, share your own expertise and network.

Social Responsibility: The opportunity to influence the creation of impact.


To find out more about joining We Share as a funding member please get in touch with us.

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