‘Share your success. WeShare to me is creating a sustainable ecosystem for startups, innovation and talent development. By using a unique circular funding model we enable more startups/innovators to impact global challenges.’
– Edward de Jager, CEO

Our Funding Members are individuals, corporates, (semi) public institutions and organisations who have come together to contribute meaningful change by supporting impact-driven initiatives.

Funding Members join We Share by sharing a percentage of their income or wealth to the community. At least 90% of these contributions will be lent out on soft terms by We Share to the impact startup(s) of the Funding Members’ choice. Future interest and loan repayments will be returned to Funding Members, not to be removed from the community, but instead to be used to fund new impact startups. By recycling funds the circularity of the community is ensured and members receive renewed opportunities to support innovation.

In addition to financial support, Funding Members also provide non-financial support in the form of expertise, networks and mentoring. Our unique model allows us to increase effectiveness and reduce waste whilst building a community and spreading our message of sharing.


To find out more about joining We Share as a funding member please get in touch with us.

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The We Share community is an ideal platform for testing and launching your products or services with potential customers (getting market traction).
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Funding Members

Choose whom and what cause to support. We offer a diverse portfolio of startups and students solving global and local challenges.
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Encounter opportunities to complete academic assignments by undertaking projects for startups focused on impact.
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Support our vision of sharing wealth, talent and knowledge for the betterment of society.
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