We Share to provide startups and young talent with better opportunities to create impactful innovation.

We support impact innovators – startups, scale-ups and students – because of their ability to challenge conventional thinking. Our belief is that their fresh and locally developed solutions hold the key to a more sustainable future and progress for all.

Studies and industry insights suggest that, in the Netherlands, 50-85% of startups fail in the first five years of their existence. The three main causes of these statistics are: 1) a lack of appropriate financial support, 2) poor product-market fit and  3) insufficiently-skilled management teams.

Our community strives to combat these obstacles by providing startups with patient capital at a vital time, under low-interest rates and a long-term vision, as well as experience, services and mentorship. The We Share circular model ensures the sustainability of funding for entrepreneurs.  It also enables us to support ‘riskier’ startups, whose high-impact potential often goes unfulfilled.

At We Share, we strive to promote a positive impact on society. All startups and students supported by our community are working on local solutions to one or more global challenges identified by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Read more about the goals here.