Individuals, entrepreneurs, corporates, governmental and other institutions support We Share by pledging a very small part of their annual income, profit or equity to We Share, or with other support. We Share uses these donations to provide soft loans to so-called impact startups and students.


After some years, when supported startups and students have paid back their loans, these redemptions will be kept within We Share and used to support the next generation of startups and students. In addition, once they become profitable and start to distribute dividends, they will become Funding Members and thus will support future generations of startups and students by sharing a slice of their future profits with We Share. Sharing-It-Forward makes We Share revolving.


Global challenges affect us all and remain urgent to solve. We Share focuses on young talent because we believe that startups and students have the ability to challenge conventional thinking and provide fresh, local solutions to global challenges. The startups and students which are supported by We Share are all working on local solutions to one or more global challenges identified by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). As such We Share aims to maximise impact.


We Share’s capital consists of contributions by its Funding Members. An important part of We Share’s capital is incorporated in the know-how, expertise and network of its members. Apart from financial support, our members are happy to back up our startups and students even more by allowing them to tap of their experience and knowledge and to give them access to their network.