We Share connects startups with a wide range of Funding Members and experts. We Share Impact Startups receive patient capital: i.e. long-term loans with low-interest rates. In addition, our Community provides non-financial support. To show their commitment to We Share, startups Share-It-Forward by pledging 5% of their shares to the Community. Once on their feet, startups become Funding Members through their dividends and support innovation by others!


Join our Community and benefit from the network and expertise from fellow startups and experts.

Loan Capital: Receive up to €250,000 in soft loans over a period of 3, 5 or 8 years with low-interest rates (1% to 3% over 8 years).

Default Provision: Unsuccessful startups are released from further liability, under the condition that its initiators become We Share Funding Members.

Join a movement and share a small part of your success with future innovators.

Expert Market Navigation: Learn from experts and experienced decision-makers with decades of experience in the Dutch and international markets.


Impact Potential: Solution must help tackle at least one Sustainable Development Goal.

Just Started? : Startup has emerged in the last 6 years.

Planning: A viable business plan for an innovative solution to a market need.

Team: Led by passionate entrepreneurs who are out-of-the-box thinkers.

Size and Scale: Net worth below € 10 million, revenue less than € 10 million and less than five employees.

Traction: The Startup has perspective on sales traction in their core market.