WHY: We believe in the power of human capital to solve global challenges. For this reason, we strive to empower students to become changemakers, by supporting those willing to do Master studies in the fields that are directly linked to the attainment of the Sustainable Development Goals, which include (but are not limited to) sustainability, environmental studies, gender equality and diversity.

WHAT: We come with a unique offer for students – an Income Sharing Agreement. We Share enables Supporters to co-invest in the human capital of any impact student and in the case of a Corporate Supporter, the student may be a possible future or an existing employee. The student receives funding for tuition and shares a part of their future income in return. 

HOW: The Income Sharing Agreement is similar to an equity investment into human talent and is not a loan or scholarship. The investment is paid back by the receiver by paying 5% of their net future income (post tax) when they are employed. This frees students from the bondage of loan contracts, thus, enabling them to pursue the career path of their liking.

Easy Repayments

To be made in monthly instalments, which are due when a student is employed (minimum amount: 3% of net annual income).

Impact Loans

Students who show an aptitude for impact innovation can apply for a loan of 10,000 euro for a maximum of 2 years.




Small Interest

A flat 5% interest rate makes We Share more affordable than other private student financing schemes.

We Share Supporters

Once the loan has been repaid, the student transitions into Supporter thus sharing forward their success

Professional Experience

Opportunities to network with decision-makers and innovators from different sectors by attend We Share and partnered startup events


Important Notes: 

  • We Share funding is to be used solely for college tuition. Additional costs related to the students’ education (accomodation, transport, books and others) are not included and must be covered by the students themselves.
  • Loan repayment begins only after the student has successfully graduated and been employed.