I work for the Government/ Municipality. We subsidize social startups. Can we work together and provide money to startups via We Share?

Absolutely! We Share is an innovative way for government organisations to provide support to local startups because unlike with a traditional grant or subsidy program, the money can be reused again to support further startups. This – over time –  increases the impact that governments are making with each euro. Moreover, an issue faced by government organizations is tracking the utilization of funding and subsidies provided by them. By funding local startups through We Share, they can track the progress of the entrepreneurs and local businesses they support, making sure their funding is being used properly. This isn’t where the possibilities end. To discuss how your governmental organization can work together with We Share, please get in contact with our team at [email protected]

We are a corporate and we have a special Corporate Social Responsibility Budget. Can we allocate this money via We Share to support impact startups?

We Share allows corporates to support sustainable impact funding in an easy manner. We take care of the pre-selection process and provide the startups you choose to support with crucial non-financial support. Thanks to our circular model, your organization’s contribution can be used to fund many rounds of startups allowing you to multiply your impact. 

To work out how your corporate organization can collaborate with We Share and work out the different forms of participation and contribution, please get in touch with our team at [email protected]

What are “We Share Partners”? What role do they have and how do you work together?

We Share Partners are local businesses who show their commitment to our cause of impact by offering their services and/or expertise to We Share startups at discounted rates. 

Each partner agreement is individually negotiated based on the services that they would like to share with our community and the needs of startups. If your organization is interested in supporting our cause and becoming a We Share partner, please get in contact with our team at [email protected]