We Share Forward Donors enable Social Entrepreneurs and Changemakers to impact global challenges by providing a unique philanthropic circular funding model. 

Via the We Share Forward Platform you can pick and choose specific SDG’s and Changemaker projects (Social Entrepreneurs and Impact Students) that you want to financially support. Alongside donating revolving capital, you can support your Changemaker with your knowledge and network.


It’s simple: We Share gives you the opportunity to use your donation to co-create solutions for Sustainable Development Goals in a self-sustaining entrepreneurial environment.








We offer a diverse portfolio of social entrepreneurs and impact students solving global and local challenges. You decide which specific SDGs you wish to support by donating revolving capital to talented impact students and social entrepreneurs. Next to this, you may support these students and social entrepreneurs with your knowledge and network. You decide how much you wish to donate. You can do a one-off donation but preferably a revolving donation – thus supporting our circular funding mechanism.









Share your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) by supplying revolving philanthropic impact capital to Social Entrepreneurs and Impact Students. By doing this you support and have access to multiple impact innovations that combat global challenges. Team up with top student talents with impact potential – the changemakers of the future.
Create CSR awareness within your internal organization and external stakeholders: We Share our future by paying forward!


  • STEP 1 – Donors go on our platform and from the available projects, choose a Social Entrepreneur or Impact Student of their preference to support. Want to support a project that isn’t on our platform? Contact us

    STEP 2 – Via our platform, donors can give philanthropic revolving funding for their chosen cause(s). In order to do so and to be compliant with EU KYC Regulations, donors must create an account on our platform. 95% of the total contribution from a funding campaign will go to the Social Entrepreneur/Impact Student while 5% will stay with We Share to cover our expenses.

    STEP 3 Every Social Entrepreneur and Impact Student raises a certain sum of money – from €2,500 to €250,000. Only when the whole sum is raised, it will be granted on soft terms by We Share based on the sharing forward principle and our revolving philanthropic funding model. Funds donated back by the Social Entrepreneur and Impact Student will be available for the original Donor again and again, thus making our system of funding circular.


MD Catapult Syndicate Program


A joint venture, piloting our innovative funding model aimed at opening new funding opportunities for early-stage medicines discovery in areas of clinical unmet patient needs.


SDG Impact:



We’re committed to partnering up with likeminded organizations to use our funding model to help attain the Sustainable Development Goals. Get in touch with us if you would like to explore partnerships.