We Share’s Pre-Launch 2

By October 19, 2018 features

We Share’s second pre-launch funding round is about to kick off in collaboration with World Startup Factory. Together with WSF, we hope to keep expanding our community and to offer new opportunities for impactful innovation. Through it, we hope to establish a strong foundation, which will grow to inspire and spread impact worldwide and show how partnerships can work through We Share model.

We Share’s second pilot will consist of a small-scale investment round on 4 impact startups creating local solutions to different global challenges. This pilot will focus on funding early-stage startups who currently require financial support of maximum 15,000 EUR. This support will be directed in the form of invested capital from We Share.

We Share startups will be welcomed in WSF’s next Accelerator Program: the Sustainable Cities Accelerator. The program which will start on November 19th will offer workshops and tailored guidance to startups aimed at increasing their chances of running a successful business with real impact.

Learn more about the Accelerator Program|Read about our First pre-launch funding round



Individuals, corporates and organizations are welcome to join We Share as new Funding Members and/or Partners before and during the Pilot. Have we sparked your interest?  Would you like to know how to become a Funding Member? Contact us!

Learn more about We Share Funding Members & Partners on our Website.


Value Proposition – Financial and Non-Financial Support

Join the World Startup Factory Sustainable Cities Accelerator through We Share: WSF will welcome participants to its 2018 Sustainable Cities Accelerator Program. Startups will be offered workshops and guidance. They will also be able to add their profile to WSF’s startup portfolio and to become part of WSF’s extensive network.

We Share will offer investment capital of 15.000 € to each startup. We Share will also provide startups with the possibility to upload their profiles on We Share’s website and to meet with We Share Funding Members and Partners. Startups participating in the Pilot will automatically be selected to run for further funding from We Share (max 125,000 EUR) after the Pilot.

Participation Terms and Fee

Startups’ participation fee will be two-fold. Firstly, startups will have to transfer 5% of their shares to We Share in order to join We Share’s community and to receive We Share’s investment capital. Once on their feet, startups will be considered new Funding Members through their dividends. After returning 15,000€ in dividends to We Share, startups will be able to direct 90% of their dividend payments towards other startups as planned in We Share’s concept. Secondly, startups will have to transfer 3% equity to World Startup Factory Invest Holding in exchange for their participation to WSF’s Acceleration Program.

How will startups be selected?

We Share and World Startup Factory are collaborating to select a variety of startups. Startups from the Netherlands as well as from all over the world are welcome to participate.

Startup Selection Criteria

To be eligible startups must:

  1. Agree with the pilot’s Startups Participation Terms (WSF and We Share terms) and with We Share’s PILOT Agreement for Startups.
  2. Be working towards providing the local solution(s) to one or more global challenge identified by the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).
  3. Have a draft business plan in hand, which includes: a description of their mission and concept/product, a description of how they intend to utilize We Share’s 15.000€ funding and an introduction to parties involved with the startup (i.e., team, shareholders).
  4. Be beyond the seed investment phase. They must already be developing a product, not just a concept.
  5. Be planning to operate from or in the Netherlands.

So, what are you waiting for?

If you are a startup which matches the criteria, hurry up and contact us!!