Uhoo: startup fighting indoor air pollution

By September 21, 2018 features

“We can’t fight air pollution unless we understand the source.”

Have you ever wondered about the air quality of your indoor living or working space?

Personally, none of our team members ever did. And if you’re not located right next to a big smelly polluting factory, you probably never wondered about such exposure either.

After all, why would you? It is easy to imagine that our walls protect us from all types of air pollution. But that is not the case.

The EPA reports that indoor air quality is 2 to 5 times worse than that outside. The result, a considerable health hazard and productivity loss that passes unnoticed. Who would have imagined that 75% of toxic chemicals are found indoors…

uHoo, a young but rapidly growing enterprise took the matter at hand. Their app and indoor pollution sensors work together to evaluate the air quality of indoor spaces. With reliable data in hand, users can identify sources of pollution and take action to ensure healthier indoor environments.

uHoo has been really active in reaching out different people and thus widely recognized in the Dutch startup network.

Toekomst Festival – 13th of September Elodie Jegu (We Share) and  and Albert Groenewoud (uHoo)
Business  Summit 29th January, Prince Constantijn and Albert Groenewoud (uHoo)

Learn more about uHoo’s product and air pollution on uhoo’s website.