Paperclip Community is re-branded into We Share!

By September 6, 2018 features

Yes, it’s happening! After carefully polishing our model, we are ready to kickstart our community and fuel exciting impact startups!

We are glad to announce our re-branding from Paperclip Community to We Share! We believe that our new branding better expresses our concept and values. And it also enables us to start implementing our model!

We Share is a ground-breaking model of collaboration for supporting impactful, local solutions to global challenges. Our circular funding community brings together individuals, corporates and organisations from across society who share a desire to fuel the transition to a sustainable, impact-driven economy!

“Imagine! What if we all could help empower entrepreneurs to solve our global challenges? What if impact, rather than money, became a primary reason to invest? What if we inspire others, and become a viral movement fueling impact all over the world?”

                                             Edward de Jager, Founder CEO of VenturesOne.

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