The world is in need of innovation, and we feel the necessity to act now. We truly believe in the power of impact entrepreneurship. This is why we created We Share: a community for everyone who wants to empower impact innovation including people who have the ability to change something (startups and students) and those who are willing to help it happen (anyone!). We aim to support each other in making real impact.


We Share is a non-profit foundation created to support impact innovators sustainably by the contributions of members across society. Together, we share to help startups and young talent navigate the tricky waters of impact entrepreneurship by securing funding for them and buoying them with decades of managerial and networking expertise in the Netherlands and internationally.



We Share helps startups secure funding at crucial points of time. These loans are long-term and come with low-interest rates. Additionally, startups benefit from the expertise and network of our Community.


Funding Members in our Community are united by a desire to spark impact innovation. They achieve this by contributing a small portion of their wealth and providing their services/expertise to the Community.


By joining the We Share Community, governmental organisations foster impact entrepreneurship in their ecosystems. Through We Share, they can also monitor the utilisation of subsidies they provide.


The We Share Community welcomes students who are passionate about impact innovation. Master and PhD students can apply for interest-free loans, while gaining access to the Community network.


We Share Partners are organisations that support our startups and students. Instead of making monetary contributions, they provide their domain-specific expertise through discounts and services.

How can we integrate Plastics into the Circular Economy model?

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The World Circular Economy Forum was taking place in Japan from 22 till 24th October. It consisted of 17 plenary and parallel sessions showcasing the world’s best circular economy solutions for business, cities, and finance, and attracted participants and attendees from all over the world. The discussion of plastic pollution took place during the Circular Economy (CE) Plastics Session.

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We Share’s Pre-Launch 2

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We Share’s second pre-launch funding round is about to kick off in collaboration with World Startup Factory. Together with WSF, we hope to keep expanding our community and to offer new opportunities for impactful innovation. Through it, we hope to establish a strong foundation, which will grow to inspire and spread impact worldwide and show how partnerships can work through We Share model.

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